World Expo?

Why Dubai Entitles to Host World Expo?

Success of Dubai City is showing how different people having different cultures can unite for mutual goals.

On 27th November, delegates of different countries from all over the world will meet to finalize the venue of Expo 2020. I believe they have to choose Dubai. Let’s discuss why.

First, it’s a Dubai moment. After approaching Dubai its fantastic skyline that makes a superb first impression in the mind of any person. But, I have discovered during my visit in last year, it leaves long lasting impressions in mind.

In hardly last 50 years, Dubai has been transmitted from a small pearling and fishing town into one of the most multi-cultural cities of the world. This is one of the cities where you will see people from more than 200 countries are working and living. Here, you will hear different languages like English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Somali, Malayalam and Tagalog. Above one lac Britons call Dubai as home while thousands of Britons visit for vacations or work, with more than 20 flights between UK and Dubai every day.

Global Recognition Of Dubai

You can see in Dubai, how diverse cultures and different people can unite for mutual goals, working and living beside one another. I am pleased that United Kingdom (UK) has played a major role in this and pleased to be making Dubai to get the recognition globally which Expo 2020 will bring.

Second, In Dubai World Expo 2020 will recap the whole world that Middle East is a region with high dynamism and potential that’s a base of modernization for generations in past, present and future.

Britain’s always thinks about the great business partnerships for Dubai and its neighbourhood. We are also pleased that Dubai ports are the biggest business hubs for the Europe and the whole world. Moreover, Islamic investments have benefited to finance our couple of bigger projects like Olympic village, shops and banks.

Dubai is one of the greatest capitals for the business world and its achievements are enough for the people to get attraction and to have a look on the potential in this region. And they can make changes in their own countries for better future with conviction, hard work and vision.

Third, Dubai is providing one of the biggest transports and trading hub to connect the whole world. So, by keeping this in mind, World Expo 2020 in Dubai will be easily accessible for a broader global community.

First time in the history, most of the visitors will not be from the country of host. Also, Africa and South Asia which are close proximate of Dubai will also going to provide platforms for dynamic economies and societies in these regions as well.

No doubt, the institution of World Expo has never held in Middle East in more than a century that followed but I personally believe that there is no better location for World Expo 2020 than the Dubai.

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