World Expo

World Expo: A City in the Heart of a Desert

Global Expo event in Dubai

Huge efforts are being made in order to organize a Global event in Dubai called Dubai world expo 2020, which would cover various events such as business and social meetings, exhibitions, stalls and many more. Organizers aim to setup a standard for themselves as well as the rest of the world regarding human progress.

The legendary design of Dubai Expo 2020 would be a shining example and a hub that would nurture coordination, creativity and education.

The overall design of the expo skillfully exhibits the central idea of the event. The site itself is a trade mark location situated approximately in between Abu Dhabi and Dubai while at the same time being at a central point which is connected to more or less 300 famous international destinations.

The main building of the Expo Centre would be able to accommodate 247 participants as well as more than 25 million visitors or tourists, and thus the master plan for managing such a large number of pedestrians is also prepared accordingly. Furthermore it would be connected to the main highways of the UAE like Sheikh Zayed road and Dubai Bypass road.

The central part of the facility is marked with a plaza called al wasl(connection), an old name for Dubai whereas three distinct zones branch out from the center which depict the iconic themes of the expo center namely mobility, opportunity and sustainability. Day to day activities like shows and entertainment schedules are being designed by experienced planners “thinkwell” whereas the overall layout and detailed design of the building is provided by a group of companies HOK.

Every unique zone is designed in a way to maximize pedestrian flow from the pavilion on outer perimeter to the center of the expo without causing any mix-up. Additionally it ensures maximized traffic at the heart of expo during rush hours.

A new elegantly designed pavilion is situated at the corner of the plaza whose main purpose is to intensify the connection between participants and viewers by giving them an opportunity to present, interact and advertise their products.

It would not only be a technical hub of the expo center but serve as a cultural, traditional and coordination hub as well.

The Expo Centre serves as a two pronged tool, preserving the heritage of the Arab culture and introducing the traditional warmth and guest friendly environment while at the same time meeting the requirements of a modern day structure which cater for all the needs for a professional business center.

This is a perfect opportunity for various nations and business groups from private as well as public sector to communicate, exchange ideas and make business deals.

Dubai Expo is equipped with state of the art logistic tools and computers in order to make mobility and portability a priority.

In order to make service and facilities functional around the clock, an underground passage system is constructed under the pavilions so that the staff activities do not interfere with the day to day functioning of the expo.

The four major candidates of expo 2020 apart from Dubai were Sao Paulo (Brazil), Ayutthaya (Thailand), Azmir (Trukey) and Ekaterinburg (Russia) and therefore Dubai had offered something unique to win this bid. Another unique plan in this regard is the construction of an underground railway system to connect various pavilions to the central plaza.

163 members of BIE (an international organization having headquarter in Paris) had casted their vote to choose Dubai city on 27th November.

UAE plans to facilitate transportation to the expo site till 2020, the massive project includes many dedicated lanes, metro stations and bus systems to deliver 25 million visitors to and from the site.

A large percentage of visitors are expected to use the bus service to interact with the expo center and both metro buses and expo buses combined together, would be able to transport that number of visitors.

2020 plan includes construction of red lanes along the main highways which would be specified for expo center buses thus largely minimizing the time and bother required and furthermore would reduce traffic density as well.

This mega project is not restricted to 2020 Expo but it would serve as an inception of new business era for UAE and associated investing parties as the Expo Centre would develop into a central place for business and cultural interactions.

The event of Dubai Expo will span a 6 month period but the mega project would not cease after the event, in fact further development and construction on the 423 hectare area will begin, expanding the existing facility, such as indoor entertainment center.

Another addition to the building would be the institute zone, which would facilitate university and different research centers in order to promote academic activities, collaborations and new researches in various fields. It would not only attract students but different corporations as well.

As Dubai is selected as the venue for the expo 2020, it would be a first one for the Arab world thus marking a mile stone and thus considering the scope of the event and the opportunities that would arise after the expo event encompassing the upcoming business era for the UAE. So legendary might be a perfect word for this project.

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