World Expo 2020 Dubai Be Part Of It

World Expo 2020 Dubai – Be Part Of It !

The world city Dubai is one of the hot favorites to win the bid to host World Expo2020. Its signature theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ reflects the need of the times we live in. Connectivity has made the world one global village yet nations and people face tensions that escalate to situations that are politically explosive. It is time to think of fresh approaches and a vision for progress & development. Ideally, these should be rooted in a shared purpose between nations sans boundaries respecting the cultural mosaic of every country. But collaboration, cooperation and cultural or technological exchange are not few fanciful words but represent the seeds for a better tomorrow.

The idea of World Expos is drawn from this vision. The world expo brings together people, culture, technology and economy in a single space every five years. Held for six months, it attracts millions of visitors and one slate for 2020 is projected to have close 25 million visitors. Dubai Expo 2020 will bring this idea to the Middle East which has never played host to this mega occasion. In fact, it will be the first for entire MENA region, south Asia and North Africa. It is therefore expected to be a milestone event with partnerships for future taking shape. The exchange of ideas will bring forth new direction in trade and sustainable development.

Dubai is certainly the best place to host it as it is a known business hub where the world comes to even otherwise. The tourist inflow to Dubai has been on the rise. The economy is looking healthier and the people are in agreement with the government – a point where it scores above other contending cities. The world’s focus will be riveted on Dubai. Dubai with its exceptional organizational skills and high end infrastructure will deliver on this big a canvas with ease and glam. So, let’s join hands and show our support to this beautiful city named Dubai.

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