You Can Make a Great Impression and Enjoy Yourself

You Can Make a Great Impression and Enjoy Yourself

There’s no getting away from it – exhibiting is hard work – but you can and should enjoy yourself and the whole exhibiting experience.

The show floor is a vibrant and lively stage at most exhibitions. Keeping fresh and upbeat during the show is vital to wowing the many prospects that provide new business.

Get into the mood and embrace the atmosphere – it’ll do wonders for the overall performance of your exhibition stand staff.

If you’re using technical equipment, demonstrating equipment or using audio visual presentations – anticipate technical difficulties and leave enough time for troubleshooting. Always have a back up plan.

Enjoy the atmosphere and have fun – an upbeat stand will attract visitors.

Don’t sit down and wait for visitors. Don’t eat or drink on the stand or bury your head in a magazine or newspaper. It makes the stand less inviting and you’ll miss the passers-by.

Use a stand staff in rotation for coffee breaks and lunch breaks. You’ll be more productive and efficient with a short period off the stand, it will stave off any boredom and it will allow you time to take in the rest of show.

Wear comfortable shows – it’s hard enough standing up for three days but when your feet hurt your whole body aches. If the budget will stretch to it, cushion the floor as well. Sore feet on carpet-covered concrete are bad news!

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