Considerations for your Exhibition Stand Designing

Designing Your Exhibition Stand

The key to the success of an exhibition lies in the exhibition stand design. It sets the tone and sends out the right vibes at a trade event where time to impress is minimal – a mere three seconds. To make good the three seconds, you need to have a stand that is inviting, informative and helps to project the inside out of your company.

Well, by now we now have some guidelines to go by. We have a budget plan that lets us know our limits, a clear objective of what needs to be exhibited, a manual by the exhibitor which gives a fair view of the possibilities, and a time plan to achieve it. Couple of brainstorming sessions had already taken place to have these in hand and we will need couple more before the desired, viable, effective exhibition stand’s blueprint is ready. Before we go further, we need to have an exhibition stand designer and local contractor to give life to the plans and objectives. Selection of a good stand designer and contractor means a whole lot as these are the key people who can create the desired magic in the stand. A local contractor brings with him the valuable insight into the local market and target segment.

Before you decide what to buy or rent and from whom, think about the following:

  • How well known is the supplier?
  • Do they offer guarantee for the products used to create your ideal exhibition stand?
  • Are you looking for an easy to transport and assemble?
  • What are the economics to expand, reconfigure or refurbish for future exhibitions?
  • Will a rented exhibition stand suffice?

With the choice of exhibitor and local contractor made, you need to have a complete briefing of the job with the exhibition stand designer. Creative brief has to be clear and decision makers involved in the meeting. Various suggestions of creating a good stand may arise, some of which may be just hype which you can stress less on, some brilliant to project the product or service in an alluring way, some which have to killed because they are absolutely not according to brief. This stage may demand some time and patience pays rich dividends. Still, one needs to put the tab on not to overshoot the time plan for the creatives.

The stand design includes:

  • Architecture of the stand in the space allotted
  • Interior décor of the stand
  • The complementary graphics of the stand
  • The lighting solutions for the stand
  • The plan of space for the significantly larger stand with space allotted for visitors lounge, cafeteria etc

Height, light, colour and movement are four key elements to good exhibition stand design. A fine balance of these four creates a good exhibition stand design. To sum up, it must have Displays at eye level with optimum luminosity that is functional and creates the spotlight where desired and has the necessary dose of glitter in colours neither too bright nor too dull, with ample space to handle crowd.

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