IFX Expo Dubai

Top Benefits of Exhibiting at iFX Expo Dubai

All roads lead to Dubai in January, home to the much-awaited iFX EXPO.

The iFX Expo Dubai has been empowering the global B2B Fintech Ecosystem for more than a decade now. The world’s first and largest financial business-to-business exhibition, it brings professionals in online trading, financial services, and fintech together across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The mega networking event provides you with all the invaluable tools that are necessary to grow your business successfully. It’s a much-talked-about event with unlimited opportunities to connect with C-level executives from the most prominent international companies. You also get engaging content from inspiring industry experts.

The Place for global fintech collaboration

The iFX EXPO Dubai is a platform to network, engage in insightful content, connect with top-level executives from the most prominent international firms, and grow your business.

It provides a platform for you to meet face-to-face and build rapport instantly with representatives from various industry fields including Digital Assets & Blockchain, Technology & Service Providers, Retail & Institutional Brokers, Affiliates & IBs and Regulation & Compliance, Payments, Banks & Liquidity Providers.

All that you need to build and run a business successfully can be found under one roof at the expo.

This is the event for:

Technology & Service Providers

Everything from connectivity, trading platforms, CRM & VoIP to accounting services and marketing solutions.

Digital Assets & Blockchain

From security and payment solutions using blockchain to cryptocurrencies, if you are on the ledger and looking to connect with the industry, this is the place to be.

Retail & Institutional Brokers

For all brokers to compare and source service providers the iFX EXPO is the ultimate platform. It helps them to engage with partners and expand with institutional offerings.

Payments, Banks & Liquidity Providers

The go-to place to find the most customized and suitable financial solutions for your business from gateways, payment processing, and e-wallets to liquidity and banks.

Affiliates & IBs

Traffic is a hot topic and across the board, affiliate marketing is one of the biggest needs. The exhibition floor is full of places for you to drive into.

Regulation & Compliance

Without regulation and compliance, no business can operate and the expo is the best place to meet regulatory, audit, compliance, and legal firms.

Work Hard – Party Harder

It can’t be all work and no play. iFX EXPO parties are the most talked about in the industry. You can look forward to a party or two! You will be taken to high-profile attractions and the best nightlife venues. For party sponsors, this is a key platform where their brand is brought to life with visibility that will leave a lasting impression.

Welcome Party

The first meeting with industry provides is one of the highlights of every show. An informal setting is always best to catch up with existing clients and to make an introduction to potential new business partners before the main event.

Night Party

After a busy networking day when it’s time to unwind, there’s no better place than the Official iFX EXPO Night Party. It’s an event filled with networking opportunities and captivating entertainment you won’t find anywhere else.

UAE: The most fintech-friendly country in the region

The UAE, in recent years, has risen as one of the most fintech-friendly countries in the region. In the first half of 2022, thanks to sustained government support, fintech investments in the country hit $819 million. The UAE, with the strongest digitalized retail sector of all the MENA countries, stands out as the most tech-savvy nation in the area and is home to some of the world’s fastest-growing fintech brands.

For fintech collaboration in the Middle, East Dubai has emerged as a beacon. The upcoming edition of the iFX EXPO will be held in Dubai, on January 16 and 18, 2023, and thousands of high-caliber prime and retail brokers, technology and liquidity providers, affiliates, and regulatory compliance experts will head to Dubai for 2+ days of thought-provoking debates and networking in the exclusive setting of Dubai World Trade Centre, Za’abeel Hall 6.

More than a traditional industry gathering, the iFX EXPO has become synonymous with the ultimate hub for business excellence and industry knowledge. The next edition of the expo is going to be bigger and better and promises to bring hundreds of distinguished speakers from all areas of business.

Who will attend iFX EXPO in Dubai?

The event will see experts from across the fintech space in attendance:

Retail & Prime Brokers: For brokerages, iFX EXPO Dubai is the place to be to come to grips with the latest developments in the fintech space and test-drive a host of state-of-the-art solutions, on the spot. With a growing number of IBs and affiliates attending the event every year, there’s also an opportunity for growth in the partnerships sector.

Service & Technology Providers: Tech providers have been propelled to the front lines of the industry. Thanks to the advent of Web 3.0 and AI-powered technology solutions across payments and regulatory compliance sectors. For Playtech, blockchain, and regtech developers looking to showcase their cutting-edge products, this is the perfect spot as you will find the right audience in Dubai.

Affiliates & IBs: An ongoing hot topic is affiliate marketing and it puts financiers to the test as they seek to attract traders to their platforms. From sharing your affiliate marketing ideas and strategies and meeting up with CEOs and CMOs of leading brokerage firms, the iFX EXPO offers plenty of room for business introducers and affiliate marketers to take their businesses to the next level.

How to participate?

There are different participation options. Just look for the one that best suits your business objectives:

Sponsor: To gain visibility and make an impact both online and offline sponsorship is a great way. For brands looking for a visibility boost, there are multiple sponsorship packages available at the world’s largest B2B fintech event. From event website features and social media to exclusive branding in prominent areas of the expo sponsoring brands enjoy a slew of distinct advantages.

Exhibitor: Reserving a booth at the iFX EXPO gives brands a better chance to showcase their products and services and engage with prospects.

Register: Participate as an attendee and experience the best iFX EXPO can offer – leading brands and industry leaders, fireside charts and insightful panel discussions, casual networking events to catch up with new, and existing clients, and more. For technology and service providers, exclusive Early Bird registration comes at a lower cost. Enjoy the same stellar experience for less! If you’re a retail broker, IB, or affiliate you can register for free!

For an Early Bird Pass register now and unlock 2+ days of networking with industry pioneers, including free entry to the Speaker Hall and Idea Hub where industry leaders discuss some of the hottest topics about the industry.

An event that looks into the future of the industry

iFX EXPO has become an ultimate hub for industry knowledge and business excellence. It has a long and illustrious history of bringing fintech professionals together.


  • 20+ EXPOs held across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East
  • 45,000+ attendees have joined
  • 2000+ exhibitors have participated
  • 2000+ speakers have taken the stage
  • Much talked about legendary parties

Don’t miss this event that looks into the future of the industry!

Did you know?

  • iFX EXPO Dubai 2023 will host 40% more exhibitors than the previous Dubai show
  • Thousands of business leaders and experts from across the international fintech space are heading to Dubai in January.
  • You can meet 120+ leading fintech brands
  • It’s a window to new business opportunities in the global fintech hub
  • You can engage in insightful content from 100+ industry
  • It’s an opportunity to discuss business with new and existing clients in a casual setting at iFX EXPO legendary parties
  • It’s your pass to access the finest blend of business collaboration and casual networking Dubai has to offer to the fintech world in 2023!

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iFX EXPO Dubai 2023 is the place to be if you want to get noticed by industry leaders and convert more prospects into paying customers.

For cultivating business connections, maintaining business competitiveness, and keeping up the pace with the latest industry developments, in-person professional events are vital.

iFX Expo brings together 3,500 attendees from all corners of the financial and fintech arena.

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Being a part of the iFX Expo is the best bet to expand your business as this year has been pivotal for the financial and fintech sectors, setting new challenges for the finance industry. At iFX EXPO Dubai 2023, the finance and fintech community will meet, connect, and have fun.

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