Social media for Trade Show Dubai

Trade Show in Dubai- Can Social Media Presence Make it Viral?

Increase the pace of your Social Media Marketing at Trade Show

Being present physically at a Trade Show in Dubai and being present in a virtual space are both as important to make the most of your next exhibition event in Dubai. Increasing the pace of your social media marketing, prior to, during and post an exhibition is now proving to be one of the most popular and effective ways to drive traffic to your exhibition stand. It also helps to cement your relationships with your exhibition audience. Also when it comes to collecting those all-important leads post the show, social media is your best and most convenient tool. Exhibition events are the perfect venue to connect with prospective clients and a great opportunity to gather leads by the dozen. But they are also a very competitive battlefield where each of the exhibitors is vying for maximum attention and maximum business. After all, where else will one find all the competitors in a particular sector all under one roof, competing for customers’ budget space?

Here are some ways in which exhibitors can leverage social media marketing channels to maximise the Trade Show presence:

Build Awareness and increase footfall at the exhibition stand: 

Studies show that the business value of social media tools such as Facebook and other social media is still largely untapped, especially at trade shows. Some companies are doing it well, but most exhibitor companies are not making the most of this opportunity.

Other manufacturers and corporates do send out regular tweets during the exhibition event and talk about the discounts, deals and value-added services offered during the show on their products, for those who come to their exhibition stand during the show or at a prescribed time (say, within the next hour). Some companies are posting blogs and updates several times a day during trade shows. Also in the days and weeks prior to the exhibition, companies try to build excitement about the event by using all these social media channels. During the trade show, some marketers also make posts and special reports, these updates give more information to visitors at the exhibition about special sessions and upcoming presentations and they also help to keep the blog audience who were unable to attend the exhibition up to date with all the happenings at the show. All these activities help to add to the content and this also ensures a boost to SEO activities and helps to boost SEO results and creates better awareness amongst the target audience.

Get back to the basic fundamentals

Social media can be an extremely strong and effective tool to maximize ROI from exhibition marketing. It is noteworthy that the means and media to reach exhibition attendees are evolving, and the fundamentals of building a successful trade show event remain largely the same. The biggest mistake that companies sometimes make while approaching an exhibition is not setting quantifiable goals to be achieved at the exhibition. For most corporates, one of the key objectives of the show is to gather leads. But is it enough to say, ‘We want lots of leads’? If doing demonstrations for your target audience is part of your marketing plans, use the Social media marketing analytics provided to determine ahead of time how many items you want to target.  Research shows that this is very effective and helps to reach specific goals. One can also look at creating specific groups on LinkedIn ahead of the exhibition. This way, you can post relevant information about the show and your customers can connect their thoughts during the show as well as after it.

Connect better with your audience 

The opportunities to get maximum leverage from social media marketing at exhibitions are only just beginning to open up. Now exhibitors are taking videos of their exhibition stand and uploading it on YouTube to gain maximum exposure for all that is happening at the exhibition stand. Giving a free gift or discount? Put it up on the social media tools and make your audience feel they need to stop by your booth by a certain time if they want to avail of the offer– the sense of urgency is sure to motivate them and help you get maximum footfall at your stand.

How do you create a viral sensation on social media?

As any exhibition professional knows, social media can be a powerful tool for creating buzz and driving foot traffic to an event. In today’s connected world, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your exhibition has a strong social media presence. But how do you create a viral sensation on social media? Strokes Exhibits, an exhibition industry leader with over 20 years of experience in Dubai, offers Exhibition support services to clients beyond Exhibition Stand Design and Fabrication to make their exhibition participation huge success! Get in touch with Strokes Exhibits Digital Marketing team to boost your social media presence for your exhibitions in Dubai