Dubai Wins Expo 2020

Dubai Wins Expo 2020: Dubai ready to receive the world

Expo 2020 is going to provide exclusive platform for the global community

United Arab Emirate is a land of opportunities. The UAE motivates and attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world. So, Dubai’s entrepreneurial spirit is going to inspire visitors from all over the world to Dubai Expo 2020. These visitors will see the new opportunities and they will definitely grab for themselves.

Expo 2020 is going to provide exclusive platform for the global community to work together and explore pioneer and creative solutions for the three subthemes, which are recognized as key motivators for the global development: Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity.

The total investment for the expo 2020 will be approx. at 25 billion Dh. Most of the facilities which will be produced for Expo 2020 will be permanent and Dubai govt. is planning after the expo 2020 to use for other purposes.

World Expo in Dubai is going to generate more than 277 thousands opportunities for the job seekers in alone Dubai city with in seven years. Each new opportunity for job will sustain other more than 50 jobs in the Middle East region.

Exhibition industry in Dubai is poised for a phenomenal growth

Expo 2020 is going to inject approx. 28.8 billion Euros that is more 140 billion Euros in the GDP of Dubai. Expo 2020 is also going to boost trade and going to support its development in tourism sector which will target more than 20 million tourists and contribution of tripling tourism in the UAE economy by 2020. Exhibition Industry of the Dubai is also going to take boost and exhibit in the Dubai and in whole UAE is going to become a mass marketing approach to communicate with the potential market. And, Exhibitors are going to offer Exhibition Stand Designs and Experiences to Create a Prompt Connect with targeted audience.

If we see in the aspect of environment, exhibition centre design is eco-friendly. Dubai is targeting to produce 50% of the energy for Expo 2020 on site.

Arab nation supports a lot to win the UAE’s for the hosting of this significant gathering of international level and it reflects their sincerity and loyalty. And it’s not a success of Arab community only but the success of people from more than 200 nations who reside in UAE have equally supported this UAE bid and played a major role in the successful selection.

The efforts done by the Arab ambassadors for encouraging and lobbying representatives of BIE member countries in Paris, France to get support for the hosting of world expo in 2020 are really admirable.

It’s a marvelous challenge Arab countries and UAE have faced was not so simple, but it was a challenging amount for the profile of this global event.

In the support of Expo 2020 bidding, all Arab countries were standing with the United Arab Emirates, contributing support of all sort of possible potential, wishing the success of Dubai to achieve its mutual goals of whole Arab Nation.

Moreover, team of expo commission has fulfilled their duties in well-mannered way with extensive meetings and communication with the BIE official members and they had successfully presented practical and realistic evidence to confirm the capability of UAE in general scenario and especially for the hosting of this grand event. Also, stability and security of UAE played a major role in this positive decision.

It’s also noticeable that none of the bidding countries had a board for the hosting of world expo 2020 as compare to Expo 2020 committee of the UAE, pointing out the economy, personal relations and geography played a vital role to get winning votes to host Expo 2020 in Dubai.

We are wishing progress and success of UAE in all occasions and events under the governance of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of UAE.

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