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How To Set Exhibition Marketing Budget for event in Dubai

Exhibition spending as ad spending tends to overshoot the budget. So, you have to do your numbers well before opening those purse strings. The exhibition or event is the culminating point of efforts that span many months in diverse locations and media. A well-laid-out budget helps to structure the spending in stages and keep track.

An ideal budget can be subdivided into five heads:

  • Exhibition stand space
  • Exhibition stand design & complementary Graphics design
  • Promotions (pre-event, during and post-event)
  • People
  • Logistics & Transportation

At any trade fair, the space and position you have are essential. Premium space which usually is the centre always commands more attention and therefore sells at a premium, the corner spaces can also be at a premium if the position to has a good view of the milling crowd and has enough frontage to call attention. Small tucked-away spaces are comparatively cheaper. One can convert such a position to advantage with an attractive exhibition stand design.

Exhibition stand design & complementary Graphics design

The exhibition stand is designed and constructed-taking into account the industry, the length of the event and the products and services on display. A good design draws attention to the display or demo, incites visitors’ interest and initiates the interaction process.

Promotions while participating in Exhibitions

Various media and platforms need to be explored to bring the customer/visitor to your stand. These promotions ideally begin a couple of weeks before the event. If it is an annual event, you can hint what to expect at your stand, just enough to hook the prospective visitors, during the events promotions may also include shows or contests at the stand. Post-event promotions are reports and press releases. It can also experience exhibiting or testimonials.

People to man the stand at the Exhibition

People to man the stand, execute the demo, and hostesses if need be; their uniform, training, accommodation, retaining fee, food and refreshments etc make the matter for this section of the budget. Longer shows may need people in rotation of shifts or extra hours which need to compensate accordingly. Backup for last-minute non-shows also needs to plan for.

Logistics & Transportation for Exhibition 

Though the exhibition is held at a predesignated place for the entire period of a show, show, the need for logistics and transportation is none less. It starts with the transporting of the stand design, material and props for the stand, the displays, the products, the literature for communication, people from to and fro the venue and so on.

The above five categories broadly cover the different aspects of exhibition budgeting. There is bound to be trivial and unforeseen expenses too. But we may presume they will amount to less than 1/20 of these five put together.

With the plan ready, we are ready for the next action step. We know our limits and have done part of the homework about the comparative prices for each service to employ.

Strokes Exhibits team can help you to set a budget that fits your Exhibition goals

Exhibition budgeting can be a tricky process, especially for first-time exhibitors. There are many factors to consider, such as the cost of renting space, designing and constructing your stand, shipping exhibit materials, and hiring staff. In addition, you’ll need to factor in the cost of promotion and marketing. Experienced project managers at Strokes Exhibits can help you to set a budget that fits your Exhibition goals. We will work with you to understand your objectives and then design an Exhibition stand that fits your budget. Our experienced Project managers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in Exhibition budgeting and can provide invaluable guidance throughout the process. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to set a budget for your Exhibition in Dubai.